Coating equipment:
Coating is an important step in the surface processing of engineering machines. Anti-rust, anti-corrosion coating quality is one of the important aspects of the overall product quality. The appearance quality of a product not only reflects the protective and finishing performance, but also constitutes a critical component of product value. Coating equipment is precisely a critical component throughout the coating process. The main coating equipment includes pre-coating surface pretreatment equipment, painting equipment, drying and curing equipment for coating film, mechanized conveyance equipment, dust-free constant temperature and humidity air supply equipment and other ancillary equipment.

Coating means the process off covering a protective layer or finish on the surface of the products processed with metal, plastic, wood and other materials. With the development of industrial technology, the development of China s coating technology and equipment has evolved from handwork to mechanical equipment, automatic production line. The coating processes generally involve: pretreatment, grinding→painting→drying or curing → three wastes treatment. Coating equipment is the machine used to complete these coating processes.

Category of coating equipment:
1. Coating equipment for automotive and machinery equipment such as: dust-free painting booth, dust-free baking booth, coating line for automotive, automatic painting
2. Coating equipment for mobile phone cases, electrical shells: automatic UV spraying line, electrostatic coating line
3. Coating equipment for wooden furniture, handicrafts, floors and wallboards: primer sanding machine, roller coating machine, automatic painting line, electrostatic coating line, NC paint roller line, UV roller painting line, positive pressure dust-free room, dust-free baking room, water curtain spraying booth, suspension line, vacuum polishing booth, dust remover, curtain belt conveyor line.
4. Coating equipment for steel furniture, iron handicrafts: pretreatment equipment, electrostatic coating line.

Features of coating equipment:
(1)Coating equipment has to deal with solvents because many parts are required to be resistant to solvents.
(2)Coating materials are flammable and explosive and many parts should be flame retardant and explosion-proof.
(3)The requirement for coating processes is prudent and the requirement for equipment precision is relatively high.
(4)The equipment load is low and there is a few heavy machines.
(5)Coating equipment is easy to plan the production line and save labor cost.
(6)The operating speed is low

Industrial layout of coating equipment:
The layout design of the coating equipment is crucial for the use of the coating line. If the process layout of coating equipment is not properly arranged, even if the workmanship of each unit is good, the entire coating line will not be user-friendly.
Typical errors that usually occur in the process layout of painting equipment are listed below:
1. The output cannot reach the design program: some designers don t consider the hanging method of the coating equipment, do not consider the hanging distance, do not consider up and down slopes, horizontal turn interference, the production time does not consider the scrap rate, utilization of coating equipment, and production capacity at peak, causing the output to fail in the design program.
2. Coating equipment process time is not enough: in order to reduce the cost, some designs reduce cost to this end. Common problems include: the pretreatment transition section of the coating production line is not enough, resulting in mixing of fluid; the curing process doesn t consider the heating time, resulting in poor curing; the paint leveling time is not enough, resulting in insufficient film leveling; the cooling degree is not enough after curing, the workpiece is overheated when painting (or the lower part).
3. Improper design of the conveyance equipment: there are many ways for the conveyance of workpieces, the design is improper, which would have adverse consequences on production capacity, process operation and upper and lower parts. Common problems include: suspended chain conveyance, its load capacity and traction capacity require calculation and interference mapping. The chain speed also has a corresponding requirement for the equipment unit. The coating equipment also has certain requirements for the stability and synchronism of the chain.
4. Improper selection of coating equipment: different requirements for the product lead to varied types of equipment, every coating equipment has its own advantage and disadvantage. These cannot be explained to user in the design phase, the manufacturing result is very unsatisfactory. For example, the powder spraying drying tunnel is curtain-insulated, the workpiece with cleanliness requirement isn t equipped with a purification unit. Such errors are often seen in the process layout of coating equipment.

Processing function:
1. Pretreatment, including: sand blasting machine, pickling equipment, phosphating equipment
2. Baking paint, drying and conveyance, including: baking tunnel line, baking box, baking room, positive pressure dust-free room, belt-type line, suspension line, site line, multi-layer drying rack
3. Grinding, including: ordinary belt machine, vertical belt machine, primer sanding machine, overhead sanding machine, shaped sanding machine, gas drum sand, thousand impeller sand, sponge wheel sand, disc sanding machine, Pushing sander, etc.
4. Dust removal, including: dust remover, bag vacuum cleaner, electrostatic dust remover, double-sided dust remover, belt conveyor dust remover.
5. Main equipment for paint and powder spraying: spray gun, airless spray gun, electrostatic painting equipment, electrostatic powder spraying equipment.
6. Roller coating and showering, including: ordinary roller coating machine, semi-precision roller coating machine, full-precision roller coating machine, putty machine, flattening coloring machine, curtain showering machine.

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