What are the structural forms of the automatic paint line?

Post: 2019-01-17
The automatic painting line, also known as the painting line, is a dedicated line tool that covers the protective or decorative layers of metal and non-metal surfaces. The automatic painting line has several forms on the assembly line, such as straight type, step type and the like. So what are the structural forms of the automatic painting line?

First, stepped packaging line

The commonly used step-type process route, the article has both vertical and horizontal movements during the packaging process. It is mainly used for folding wraps, especially for those who need to be heat sealed at the fold.

Second, circular packaging line

The item moves along a circular path during the packaging process. Its main transmission mechanism can be used for intermittent or continuous rotary motion. The former is the majority, so it is also called the rotary process route.

Third, combined packaging line

In the process of packaging, the article performs both circular motion and linear motion, which is called arc and straight combination process route. It is mainly used for wrapping and bag making - filling a mouth, cleaning and other packaging machines.

Fourth, linear packaging line

The moving path of the object in the packaging process is a straight line, and can be divided into vertical and horizontal according to the direction of motion.

The structure of the automatic painting line is mainly the above aspects for everyone to share. Now everyone should understand the automatic painting line, friends who need automatic painting line, you can contact us Nanxing Industrial Equipment.

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