Suspended chain-type conveyance tunnel line
Suspended chain-type conveyance tunnel line
1、 Products are mainly used in various industries such as drying curing. Run using water type, suitable for mass production. With high efficiency, less manual advantages.
2、Is suitable for a variety of plants, can turn up and down movements, unlimited space constraints.
3、Structure mainly by drying cabinet, conveyor systems, heating systems, control systems, ventilation systems, several parts.
4、Color steel sandwich box can be molded bake dedicated board, quick to install, convenient and affordable transportation.
5、Delivery method using hanging chain type, smooth delivery, smooth, variable frequency speed regulation, chain model can be selected according to product weight: QXG-150.QXG-200.QXG-250. QXG-30000 type.
6、Heating using hot air blowing type or convection. Energy consumption, diesel, gas. coal, pellets and other bio.

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